400G Transceiver Series

400G  CFP2-DCO Coherent Transceiver


・ Compliant with CFP2 MSA
・ Compliant with Open ZR+ MSA and OIF 400ZR MSA, support OFEC and CFEC FEC
・ Line rate 100G/200G/300G/400G
・ Client rate 1/2/3/4x100GbE or 1x400GbE
・ C-band tunable, supports 100/75/50GHz grid spacing, support 0.1GHz fine turning
・ EDFA inside, High output Power, max TX power +4dBm at 193.7THz, +1dBm at C-band
・ TX VOA inside, output power -10~1dBm tunable
・ Duplex LC connector
・ Operating case temperature: 0C to 70°C
・ Single 3.3 V power supply
・ Typ power consumption:
22W (400G ZR)
24W(400G ZR+)
26W(400G MR)
・ RoHS 2 compliant


・ Edge DCI with extended Reach or with OLP protection
・ WDM Over Metro or Long Haul DWDM
・ Up to 80Km ~ 800km at 400G mode


・ Open ZR+ MSA 2.0 and OIF-400ZR-02.0
・ IEEE Std 802.3-2018

Product Description

The Hyper Photonix 400G CFP2-DCO ProTransceiver is a high performance,  high output power,  cost  effective   module  for  optical  data communication applications from  100G to 400G. The 400G CFP2-DCO  Pro  is  deigned  to 100G/200G  long  haul  and  400G  Metro IP over DWDM applications without inline chromatic dispersion compensation.

The 400G CFP2 Pro is a C-Band optical frequency tunable coherent optical module, combines 7nm  coherent  DSP ASIC functionality with best in class ultra-narrow line-width tunable lasers, high speed modulators    and high responsively coherent receivers to deliver high performance at 100G DP-QPSK/ 200G DP-QPSK 400G DP-16QAM modulation format. With EDFA and VOA inside the TX optical path the output optical power is -10~5 dBm tunable, at the 400G Gray Light mode (193.7THz)  the output power is 4dBm.

The 400G CFP2-DCO Pro coherent transceiver Compliant with the OIF CFP2 MSA. Digital diagnostics functions are available via an I2C interface as  specified  by  the  CFP2 MSA.   Mechanical  dimensions,  connectors  and footprint conform to CFP2 MSA.